Thomas Coffin

I am grade III piper in the grade III pipe band. I started playing in 2007 when I was 12 years old. How I got to grade III I have no idea. I love playing and learn as fast as I can. My band mates called me "The sponge" because I suck up as much knowledge as my brain will allow me. I also have had the privilege of studying under piping legends such as Roddy McLeod, Bruce Gandy, Andrew Douglas, and many more. This band has been part of my life since I was just a wee little babe. I've watched them wanting to be like them. As I have grown all I could think about was the pipes, I couldn't listen to any other instrument than the one I now play. I enjoy playing and enjoy the little tiny things of being a piper such as the sense of pride that I feel when seeing the reaction on the faces of the security guards when they open my pipe case at the airport gate check. Greater Richmond Pipes and Drums has been a extraordinary mentor and I couldn't possibly even start to think that I would excel as quickly with any other band.

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