AGM - All Band Member Annual General Meeting (all members)
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 @ 6:00pm
1400 Horsepen Rd
Richmond, VA 
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This is YOUR band, EVERYONE is expected to attend and vote.

This is one of your opportunities and duties to influence the direction of the band for the coming year. We will be covering a number of season items at the AGM:

1. ELECTION OF YOUR EC MEMBERS - All positions are open for nominations and we encourage everyone to consider running for any position. Generally, people nominate themselves, but you can nominate others if you want, and you seriously think they will run. It is EXPECTED that every band member serves on the Executive Committee at least once, so if you never have, now is the time.

Please email nominations to Claire.

2. CALL FOR MUSICAL LEADER NOMINATIONS - The elected EC members will appoint the 2019/2020 musical leaders. Anyone wishing to seek appointment for the following positions will need to apply to the new EC a week in advance:

a. Pipe Major

b. Pipe Sergeant

c. Drum Sergeant

d. GV Pipe Major

Interested members will be asked to communicate to the EC their qualifications, vision for GRPD and willingness to support GRPD by-laws at the next EC meeting following the AGM.

Many Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!

EVERYONE is expected to attend. This is what governs your band and ensures its survival.

There will be no practice that night, and the band will be invited after to a gathering at a local restaurant.

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