Otoole's Irish Wake
Monday, March 16, 2020 @ 6:30pm
4800 Forest Hill Avenue
Richmond, VA 23225
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Join us for Otoole's Irish Wake Party! A great time with various performances, including your very own Greater Richmond Pipes & Drums!

About an Irish Wake

Historically, the Irish would "dress" the recently deceased themselves and then hold the wake either in the home or pub. Snuff was the Irish petit fours, but in more recent times, it was placed in a saucer on the corpse's chest so "mourners" could be restricted in their partaking. Keeners were professionals whose sole purpose was to wail long enough to make sure the dead were dead. Many folks who partook in poteen, which was distilled through lead pipes, weren't actually dead, but in a lead induced coma. It was believed that if the keeners wailed loudly enough, they would "wake the dead."

In Addition...

The Irish traditionally held a wake the day before St. Patrick's Day in defiance. At one point the protestant British had banned the celebration of all Catholic holidays, including St. Patrick's Day. So, in response, the Irish would hold a "wake" for a make believe dead person the day before in order to get away with having a St. Patrick's Day celebration. Also in Celtic tradition, the day starts at sundown the day before. Night comes before daylight, so the new day starts at what is now about 6:00am instead of 12:00am.


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